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Pool Service Eastvale BackYard

Make your backyard the place to be all summer long!

Pool Industry Leaders Taking Action to Improve Water Care

In this age of health and sustainability, ORCA Pools in Eastvale California professionals have decided to proactively adopt a simpler more complete water care mentality. The traditional water care formulas of the past required large quantities of chlorine and a stabilizer to sanitize the water. ORCA Pools uses the most robust and safe methods to deliver oxidation to the water without adding more reliance on chemicals that inherently unbalance the water itself.

ORCA Pools in Eastvale is committed to simpler pool and spa care, chemically safe and healthier water keeping water cleaner, crisper and better for every cannonball.

We're Not Your Typical Pool Cleaning Company

The ORCA Pool Cleaning Difference

Top 50 in the Nation

ORCA pools one of Pool & Spa News’ Top 50 Swimming Pool and Spa Service companies for 2022.

Chemistry Certified

We hold a water chemistry certification issued by I.P.S.S.A (Independent Pool & Spa Association)

CPO Certified

CPO® certification courses are designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations.


Better Water Care Chemically Safe and Consistent

Better water care comes from less, not more. We keep your water cleaner, crisper and better for every cannonball.

Superior Value & Experience You Can Trust

ORCA local pool techs complete our nationally recognized training, focusing on quality & accountability.

Customizable Maintenance Plans That Fit Your Needs

Our plan options are tailored for your lifestyle and budget and are followed up with a detailed report.

Google Guaranteed

We are a screened and qualified Google-backed business. After being reviewed, Google has awarded us this prestigious badge and recognized us as a trustworthy, legitimate pool business located in Eastvale at 14232 Schleisman Rd suite 211, Eastvale, CA 92880. This sets us apart from others when it comes to your satisfaction!

We Pledge to Adhere to these Four Principles:

Better Water Care

Better water care comes from less, not more.


In pools and spas, sustainability means conserving water and energy.

Healthier Water

Healthy water is resilient and able to keep up with bather loads for faster recovery and safer swimming.

Chemically Safe and Consistent

Lowered exposure to excessive chemicals and enjoying a safer swim experience by avoiding overstabilization.

The ORCA Pool Maintenance Promise

Experience & Leadership You Can Trust

ORCA pools in Eastvale California is committed to providing each customer with unmatched professionalism and excellence at every step of the way. Our company’s core values define our culture, help foster innovative solutions, provide world-class customer service and produce the best pool service in the industry in the city of Eastvale in the zip codes: 91752, 92860 and 92880.

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